The photos below were taken by the Mast Cam shown further down. I was using the 2004 Starboard Go 180 and a 6.9 Revo Sailworks sail because it was the FIRST TIME I tried out the Mast Cam (which weighs about 6 lbs) and didn't think I could do any water starts with that kind of weight at the end of the mast. I learned a lot about camera housing condensation on this first run, so this picture shows some softness on the edges due to condensation on the front plate of the underwater housing. The condensation is due to getting dunked in Puget Sound (Seattle ocean) cold water. Sony DCR HC96 MiniDV in Sony Housing with standard universal grip mounting to mast.

      At any rate, please note how cleanly the Go 180 is planing at about 22 mph (southwest wind 15-25 mph). Love this board in certain conditions -- it just skims along over chop like a dream. This is a captured frame from my first 12-minute "MastCam" movie. Below that is a sequence of captured frames from the movie of the non-planing turn that took place just before the top photo. More photos will be posted soon. Best wishes, Ron







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